The Mascot began as an experimental project, born of my desire to create a wine that I could share with friends.

- WH   

I grew up in the Napa Valley where my family has been in the wine business since the early 1980’s; and while life took me down the path of working in telecom and then starting a small tech company of my own, the love for wine grew throughout.

Driven by curiosity, I began to attend blending sessions with our winemaking team at Harlan Estate and BOND, paying particular attention to their extreme level of selectivity. I learned that to produce those wines - of great longevity, nuance and complexity - required vineyards of a certain age and maturity.

Armed with this, as well as the knowledge that not all of our vines were planted at precisely the same time, I was able to convince the team to allow me a few barrels of wine yielded from the younger vines of the estates; vines that had all the pedigree of the land and, given time, potential to one day be included in the “grands vins”. This wine became what we drank around the table as a family and with close friends. The first few vintages were very small, but starting with the 2008 I am now at a point where I have enough to not only share with friends, but to enjoy with new ones.

A glimpse into the evolution of our winegrowing estates, The Mascot is a hedonistic balance of power, elegance, and texture. Approachable, delicious, and ready to drink now, it will continue to evolve well into the future.

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon blend

Vineyards: Located in the Napa Valley, predominantly in the appellation of Oakville; from the younger vines of Harlan Estate and BOND

Production: Starting with about 500 cases in 2008, eventually leveling off a little above 1,000

Price: $75

Release Date: October 2013

How do I purchase The Mascot?

As a member of the private allocation you can request wine on the website. Given the amount of The Mascot produced, we will fulfill each order to the best of our ability.

How do I become a part of the private allocation?

If you submit your name and email address on the “Contact” page we will follow up; it would be great to get to know you and answer any questions you may have about The Mascot.

How long before the wine is shipped?

All of our requests are fulfilled by hand on a per-order basis. We then submit your final allocation to our shipping team, who ships the wine during the next optimal time window, which can vary based on weather and locale.